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Cosmic Trick

Durable. Rechargeable. Endless stunts. Suitable for indoors or outdoors. Daytime or nighttime. See it soar effortlessly! It’s unbelievable!

“Hey Uncle Joe, Gimmie My Spinner Back!”

Gimme my Spinner Back

After spending almost 2 years with COVID, close quarters and A LOT OF TIME spent together, my family has been starved of anything new.

It’s been tough for all of us – especially the kids. On one hand I feel sorry for them. And on the other hand I want them OUT OF MY HAIR!

A few months ago, my wife told us to get lost for awhile and go for walk to give her some alone time. I thought she works so hard keeping this family together giving her some alone time was the least I could do. So we loaded up the wagon and walked down to the lake around sunset time.

I was sitting on the wagon scrolling through my phone while the kids were climbing on the jungle gym when a bright, floating glow caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

Bright Floating Glow

After a double take, I realized it was some kind of hovering ball that looked like it was floating magically through the air and not an Alien from Mars?

A group of kids were taking turns seeing how high they could float this magic orb. I was shocked at magic of this toy, I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing.

It was glowing and moving through the sky, wizzing the air between them. It was like they were playing catch by letting go out of their hand to let it float on air.

I had to get a closer look at this thing and saw that it was about the size of a softball, and was lit up by bright, flashing LED lights. They were able to toss it back and forth with ease to each other.

Then my son let it go, and as it whizzed through the air, it actually stopped in mid air and went straight back to him! It was like a boomerang designed for the Jetsons!

Floater Trick

I was flabergasted! I needed to get 3 of these ASAP for each one of my kids! Now I'm not in the habit of just buying gifts for my kids without some sort of goal or milestone reached, so I called them over and asked them what type of extra chores or extra home work they were willing to do to get a toy like this. Their answers shocked me!

Billy was willing to wash the car once a week for a month, Sally was willing to do the dishes everyday for 6 weeks and my youngest Francis who absolutely hates getting dirty told me that he was willing to pull weeds weekly in our back yard for 8 weeks! Of course, they thought it was as cool as I did, and I finally went over and asked one of the kids using what it was, and where they got it.

They told me it was called The Cosmic Globe, and were also kind enough to let my 2 other kids play with it for a few minutes. I have to say, even in our modern, tech-filled world full of gadgets, this thing was so cool!

Colorful LED Strip

We told my wife all about it when we got home, as soon as the kids went to bed, I jumped on my computer and ordered 3 of them. I was going to hold on to them until they finished their promised chores but I wanted to get them now since I knew these things could sell out fast!

Even though they bugged me every day, I told them I already placed an order, and when the chores were completed that they would receive their prize. I tell you those kids were so well behaved for those 4, 6 and 8 weeks I think I'm going to make a new toy for good behavior and chores a bi monthly thing.

When the Cosmic Globes arrived a few days later, I pulled one out of the box and I played with it for like an hour before the kids got home from school. Playing with it was even better than watching the kids play with it! My wife and I whizzed it back and forth across the living room giggling our heads off and playing like school children. I felt like I was a kid again!

Feel like a kid again

I tell you, these Cosmic Globes are a total blast! And mesmerizing to watch!

When the kids got done with their chores, I sat them down like I was upset about something, and as I was pacing back and forth, my wife sent one floating into the room behind me.

The kids went wild!

They are not only fun, but also give them something engaging to do, as they can learn all kinds of cool tricks.

And I admit, I am hooked. I spend waaaaay too much time fooling around with it. And now the words you hear being yelled often throughout the house is…

The kids don't say “I Don’t Have Anything To Do” Anymore!

Great Fun

The Cosmic Globe is great fun no matter who you are and you can play with it anywhere!  Play with it at home, at the pool, at the park, the beach, the living room or wherever! If you only have 6 feet of space, it’s still a blast. Or if you have a whole backyard, it’s even more fun.

This remarkable flying spinner floats, glides and climbs through the air, and then returns to your hand… just like a mini boomerang. It’s so cool to watch as it lights up, also making it fun to play with day or night.

And wait until you see the endless tricks you can do with it. No one has put it down since we got them!

I guarantee it will be the most entertaining game, toy or gadget you have brought into your house in a long time. And it got my kids off their phones and away from the video games. Plus, we are all watching less TV.

Some of my kids have become masters at it! Learning new tricks is addicting. And when they start getting too amped up with it, I simply send them outside. Even at night!


Why Cosmic Globe Will Be Your Favourite Toy EVER!

Here are all the reasons why everyone will fight over who get to play with Cosmic Globe!

Bright, Flashing LED Lights! Choose from 3 vibrant colors that will make it glow a shooting star against the night sky.

Experience Awesome Airplay! Every launch feels magic, as it cuts through the air, delivering a true flight marvel.

Toss It Up In The Air! Just tilt at a 30-degree angle, release, and watch as it glides back into your hands like a yo-yo.

Play Without Worries! Made with resilient flex material, it endures collisions and casual drops, ensuring the fun never stops.

Stay Powered Up! With it's long lasting battery life, you’re just minutes away from an exciting 45-minute aerial adventure.

Fast, Easy USB Charging! 15 minutes of charging via a simple USB cable is all it takes!

Awesome Airplay

The Cosmic Globe Will Provide Endless Safe Fun With A Million Trick Possibilities.

Everyone will love the Cosmic Globe! It's like a potato chip, once you pop you can't stop, no matter who you are!

You’ll find your kids going to bed “early” so they can wake up and play with it before school. Soon be trying to “out-trick” your kids! There’s no end to the cool stunts you can do that will amaze everyone else.

These are my favorite tricks using the Cosmic Globe.

Reliving my Zelda days with the boomerang toss!

Boomerang Toss

The classic 360 spin!

360 Spin

My Personal Favorite, To The Moon!

To The Moon

Get Your Cosmic Globe While You Can! They Are Flying Off Shelves.

It’s so different and cool, it’s no wonder people love the Cosmic Globe so much. No one has ever seen anything like it! It will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults of any age. Just simply watching the unique flashing fun is entertaining!

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Your kids will NEVER be bored again!

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