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See Why These Antibacterial Sheets are Selling Like Crazy! (Amazing Health Benefits)

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If you spend that much time sleeping, shouldn’t you be doing it with the best bed sheets you possibly can?

The thing about quality sleep is it’s not just about how you feel the next day (although that’s super important), it’s also about your long term health too. And if you’re anything like me and sleep hot, having the wrong bed sheets can leave you tossing and turning all night.

It’s a bit scary when you realize that poor sleep can lead to depression, weight gain, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, anxiety, hypertension, memory loss, decreased immunity, decreased fertility, mental disorders and more!

Sleep is the cornerstone of health, and sheets are the cornerstone of good sleep! When you have bed sheets that are soft, comfortable, and keep you cool throughout the night, you’ll be able to feel the difference every single morning.

So our team decided to try every luxury bed sheet on the market and find out which one is ACTUALLY the best.

After 2 Months of Research, We Finally Stumbled Upon the Best Bed Sheets We’d Ever Seen

One of our researchers was reading through some well known lifestyle bloggers when they saw an article talking about these “life changing” bed sheets – Casilva Sheets.

“One thing that really surprised me was that my acne completely cleared up after switching to Casilva Sheets” the guru wrote.

My bed feels colder, the sheets are incredibly soft and I wake up less oily which is probably why my acne cleared up”.

Up until now we’d not seen someone post such a positive review about sheets before so I decided to order one to try Casilva Sheets out for myself.

They arrived a few days later, and once I opened them and felt the fabric on my hand, I knew I hit the jackpot (full results later in the story).

So Why are Casilva Sheets so Amazing?

Of course having soft sheets feels great on your skin, and staying cool at night helps you get a restful, deep sleep, but the best part about Casilva Sheets is that they keep you clean while you sleep!

If you ever wake up and feel a little dirty, greasy, or like you need to shower right away – you don’t get that feeling with Casilva Sheets. You’ll feel just as clean as when you got into bed the night before.

Traditional Sheets
Casilva Sheets
What Else Makes Casilva so Great?

Self Cleaning: The cotton linens are infused with a silver fabric that combats 99% of germs, bacteria, and oils. It’s especially nice if you have pets that get in the bed.

Hypo allergenic: Say farewell to morning allergies and congestion.

Cool Temperature: The advanced fabric was especially designed to regulate temperature so they’ll always stay cool and breezy, even in summer heat.

Wrinkle-Free: The sheets are infused with antibacterial silver that never wrinkles!

300 Thread Count: This is known as the Goldilocks thread count because it’s a perfect in between of being soft without getting so tight that they overheat.

No Slip Sheets: With deep corner pockets you can guarantee your bed sheet won’t be sliding off the mattress in the middle of the night.

30-Night Sleep Trial: You can try them for 30 nights and if you don’t absolutely love them, just return them for a full refund!

Clearly there’s a lot of reasons why lifestyle experts are loving Casilva, there’s just no bed sheet on the market right now that does it all: They essentially clean themselves, regulate their temperature, and still have an incredibly soft, luxury feel.

Casilva’s mission was always to create the world’s best bed sheet, and a lot of people think they’ve done it! When you wake up feeling refreshed, clean, and healthy – it’s hard to argue with those results.

The thing is, the word is starting to spread about Casilva Sheets. Even upscale hotels & luxury Airbnb’s are making the switch to Casilva! I wouldn’t be surprised if their prices go up soon from all the extra publicity and sales they’re getting…

“LOVE! Best sheets ever. So luxurious. So soft. I was skeptical but they do what they say. 1 month in and still no odors.” – Andrea M. Wake Forest, NC

5-star hotel chains and luxury AirBnB are reporting more 5-star reviews after switching to Casilva Sheets.

I tried Casilva’s 30-Night Sleep Risk Free Trial to See If it Lives Up to the Hype:

“After the first night I woke up and felt so well rested. Within about 2 weeks of using Casilva my “bacne” completely cleared up!”

After reading the lifestyle guru’s review of Casilva Sheets I knew I had to try them for myself. And with their 30-Night sleep trial I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It arrived after a few days in beautiful packaging which is always nice because it shows me that they care about the quality of their product. I grabbed them and felt the soft linens on my hand, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I replaced my bed sheet with Casilva and rolled around with them, and even tugged on it a bit to see if the corners would slip off – they didn’t. They also felt so great on my bare skin, you could instantly tell that they’re breathable and will keep their cool temperature.

Week 1: The first thing I noticed was how well I was sleeping through the night and that I had way more energy in the morning so getting up early for work felt easy. Also, I was feeling way cleaner, I always have to shower right away when I wake up because I feel a little gross and sweaty but I wasn’t getting that feeling at all.

Week 2: One thing I’m a little embarrassed to bring up is my bacne (such is the life of a writer). I’ve always had bacne and tried everything to get rid of it – of all the things I expected to help it wasn’t bed sheets, but I was wrong. By the end of week 2 my bacne had completely cleared up, I guess it was being caused by germs and oils, I just wish I had discovered Casilva Sheets sooner!

Week 4: Everything feels like it’s coming together. My days feel better, I’m having an easy time falling asleep on the comfy sheets, my skin looks great, and my allergies haven’t been flaring up even though it’s allergy season. I hate to say a product is a miracle but I’m starting to understand why they call it Casilva Sheets.

Why Are Casilva Sheets Spreading Like Wildfire?


Used by Celebrities

Over 10,000 5 star Reviews

30 Days Sleep Trial

Clear Skin

Soft Fabric

Free Shipping


Prevents Bad Odors

Stays Cool

Machine Washable

So How Much Are Casilva Sheets?

We blended Casilva Sheets with 3 of the most ultra luxury brands and gave them to a group of 13 people to try and pick the one they thought would be the most expensive. 11 out of 13 people chose Casilva Sheets, saying it had the most luxury feel, softest fabric, and best aesthetic.

We had them guess how much they were and most people estimated $400-$1,000. They were all pretty shocked when we told them that Casilva Sheets cost less than $150! A few people even said they were planning on buying them right after we told them.

Casilva Sheets are taking over America, and for good reason. It’s hard to find luxury quality at affordable prices but right now it is available – who knows how long that will last though.

Why Is It on Sale Right Now?

Although they have a lot of customers already, they’re still pretty small compared to the total bed sheet market so Casilva is trying to spread the word by getting lots of customers, reviews, and word of mouth once people feel the results for themselves.

They’ll more than likely go back to full price once they’ve hit a certain number of customers, it could be 100 more or 1000 more, who knows!

Why Is Casilva Only Available Online?

One way Casilva Sheets reduces prices for customers is by staying exclusively online.

If they had to ship to stores around the country who take a big cut then they would have to increase prices.

When you buy from stores you’re almost always buying a more expensive version of the product.

How Do I Get The Real Casilva Sheets?

Order Casilva on their official website here.

As of Casilva Sheets is still offering a special 50% discount for new customers to spread the word. Because Casilva is in such high demand this discount is not expected to last long, hurrying to place your order is recommended. (*Expert Hint* Casilva makes a great gift for family and friends!)

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What Others are Saying… (Verified Buyers)


The most comfortable sheets I have ever had, easy to wash and replace on the bed, fit very well, sleep through the night as they keep you cool.


Amazing sheets! Feel absolutely phenomenal.


My Kids Love These!

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